$1,000 Rewards are Available for Stopping Medicare Fraud

With the continuing problems for the economy and joblessness there is an increasing presence of insurance fraud and this includes Medicare. Medicare has decided to put their subscribers to the task of defending their honor by offering $1,000 to people who are able to stop this fraud. Speaking to a Medicare representative is one way you can do this, or you could report the Medicare fraud to 1-800-MEDICARE.

1. The suspected Medicare fraud you report must be proven as potential fraud by the Program Safeguard Contractor, the Zone Program Integrity Contractor, or the Medicare Drug Integrity Contractor (the Medicare contractors that investigate potential fraud and abuse) and formally referred as part of a case by one of the contractors to the Office of Inspector General for further investigation.

2. You aren’t an excluded individual. This means you cannot have been a part of the fraud that is being reported. You also can’t qualify for another government reward through another program.

3. Law enforcement cannot be investigating the person you report already.

4. Medicare has to have saved at least $100 by the report of your fraud.

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