13 million uninsured young adults may benefit from health reform proposals

The Congress has before it a set of comprehensive proposals related to health reform. The implementation of these proposals could mean that uninsured young adults from ages between 19-29 could get insurance. In addition those young adults who are currently insured would not lose their insurance.

This information has been detailed in a new Commonwealth Fund report. The report talks about how stable, affordable coverage can be given to all young adults. This would be possible if health coverage is extended by expanding Medicaid. In addition a health insurance exchange could help this process.

The report talks about the reasons for young adults becoming uninsured and what can be done about it. Graduation from high school  turning 19 means being uninsured for many. They are dropped from parents policies and become ineligible for Medicaid and SCHIP. Jobs do not come easily and the ones which do often do not provide health benefits.
Due to the many transitions young adults face in life, they are less likely to be uninsured. They need stable, affordable coverage which can protect them in the event of a serious illness. Young adults are far more uninsured as a percentage than other groups. As a result they often face medical debt and do not have a regular doctor.

This makes it critical that young adults have access to comprehensive health insurance that is continuous at a time of serious transitions in their life.

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