Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) are New to Medicare in 2012

New programs, tests and theories are available and accessible to subscribers in 2012 as Medicare continues to try new options. Doctors and other healthcare providers will take a different approach with Accountable Care Organizations in 2012 to try to make things better for you. Your experience could get much easier and improved through the experience you have with this program.

Your doctor will have the option of becoming part of an Accountable Care Organization and that is where it all starts. The overall cost, quality and care of patients are aiming to be improved over original Medicare through this program. You can still choose your doctor and you will not lose any of your benefits, costs and coverage.

You can still choose a doctor outside of an Accountable Care Organization and be covered just as you were previously. You can suggest to your doctor that they become a part of an Accountable Care Organization if they are not, but it is their choice to apply. The consumer being helped is the goal, but you have to put it to work.

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