CHIP, Medicaid Restrictions Lifted For Documented Immigrant Children

A 50-23 vote approved a bill in Utah state house. The bill is HB171 and does away with the 5 year residency requirement for documented immigrant children. They can now receive Medicaid and CHIP coverage. After passing the preliminary vote, the bill needs to pass a second vote following which it will be be passed to Governor Jon Huntman Jr. for his signature.

Last month a bill was signed into law which reauthorized and expanded a program funded by federal tobacco tax. This law allows states to provide coverage to documented immigrant children even though they do not fulfil the five year residency requirement.

Meanwhile in Arkansas, the house voted 82-14 approving a bill that expands ArKids First eligibility.  Children in families with incomes of up to 250 percent of the federal poverty level will benefit.

In Washington state the house voted 68-28 approving HB 2128. Families with incomes of more than 300 percent of the federal poverty level can now purchase nonsubsidized health coverage for their children. The benefits offered in nonsubsidized and subsidized plans would be different.

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