Could Your State Help Pay for Medicare Part B?

Everyone generally thinks of Medicare as being a Federally run and funded program, but many do not realize that state programs are often in place to assist with the costs of Medicare.  Often, it is up to you or a loved one to research the offers made by your state to help as they are not advertised, but some states will not offer any relief.  One such situation with Medicare Part B occurred recently in Connecticut where state residents are getting some assistance.

The state of Connecticut recently announced the use of ‘Medicare Savings Programs’ to help paying Medicare Part B premiums for nearly 83,000 enrollees.  This will help the residents save almost $100 per month in monthly premiums and other costs.  Since the government will often match these types of programs the state is matched on every dollar spent to give their residents a great benefit.  In many cases the state has said that residents who are Medicare beneficiaries have saved on the entire $96.40 per month premium required by Medicare Part B.

Also, there is help offered in addition to the Medicare Part B assistance in relation to Medicare Part D for state recipients by way of the “low-income subsidy”.  Check with your state insurance offices to see what is offered to you to assist with the costs of Medicare and Medicare Part B.

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