Diabetes Screenings and When Medicare Offers Coverage

To take good care of yourself with Diabetes you must be serious and consistent as it is a serious condition. The financial strain that comes with keeping up with diabetes is almost as difficult to deal with as the physical strain. To maintain normality in your life you must have check-up kits and needles available quite often.

You can get tested when the answer is yes to the following questions if you are covered by Medicare.

Have you passed the age of 64?

Do you currently qualify as overweight?

Is there history in your family with diabetes?

Did you have gestational diabetes?  Or was your baby over 9 pounds at birth?

If you said yes to these tests then you could get two diabetes screenings done each year. The only thing that you will be responsible for is 20% of the Medicare approved amount for the doctors visit, nothing for the test. To be able to live a little more comfortable after the test is a great benefit in the face of the small price you had to pay to get the test.

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