Do you need a prescription to get a supply on Medicare?

Medicare is not unlike any other health insurance plan when it comes to getting things approved for your use every day. Protecting the public from fraud and unnecessary payments there is a process that has to be followed. One such thing that can be referenced is the need for certain items that could make your life better or more enjoyable.

Medicare does require that your doctor give a written prescription to the supplier before the item is delivered for it to be covered. When you happen to order the prescription and then approach the doctor your claim will likely be denied. This is not without merit as you can’t expect insurance to pay for someone that you haven’t proven to need yet.

Some of the items that require a prescription are: Decubitus care cushions/mattresses, Power Operated Vehicles (POVs), or scooters, Seat lift mechanisms, and Transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulators (TENS). Remember that it is very important that your doctor prescribes these things prior to your ordering or purchasing them. Paying that bill on your own is not a good idea and you shouldn’t put yourself in that position.

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