Does Medicare Cover Home Health Aides?

People who are relegated to the home for a variety of different medical issues often have to get help around the house to live a normal life.  In these instances it is not just the hard things like leaving the house or having a job that are the problems, doing normal routine things are hard too.  For people that are struggling in this manner there is help from Medicare in the form of a home health aide.
Most people generally turn their minds to thinking of a physical therapist or skilled nurse when considering a home health aide, but this is not necessarily the case.  A home health aide will assist in the routine activities such as bathing and going to the bathroom for the disabled Medicare subscriber.  Home health aides do not have to be licensed but usually have to be approved by Medicare or your doctor.
One very important thing to remember is that the reason for the home health aide must have something to do with your condition.  You cannot get a home health aide to be covered under Medicare unless you have suffered an injury or illness that requires their assistance.  Home health aides can drastically improve your quality of life and should be considered if approved by your Medicare policy.

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