Does Medicare Pay Anything for Bone Mass Measurement?

You are charged for insurance based on the risk that an insurance company believes you pose to them in relation to money. Regardless of the type of insurance coverage that you have this is true and insurance through Medicare is no different. It is this reason that causes Medicare to approve certain screenings and deny others for certain conditions.

If you are more at risk than others for broken bones then it may be measurable with bone mass measurement. Medicare wants to assess your risk and know how much you will cost them for all of these broken bones that are possible. Medicare will periodically pay for this measurement and this is good news for people that are potentially afflicted.

Every two years (or 24 months) this screening will be paid for by Medicare so that your risk can be assessed. Certain medical conditions must be present for you to qualify to be covered by the screening. You will pay for 20% of the Medicare approved amount which will be a part of your Medicare Part B deductible.

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