Electronic Health Records Improve Medicare Record Keeping

Streamlining the processes of Medicare to improve performance and better serve subscribers is a goal of Medicare. General recordkeeping is one way that Medicare is improving in addition to improving relationships with doctors and subscribers themselves. Electronic Health Records have been one of the biggest steps forward for Medicare over the last few years.

Keeping your records safe and confidential is important and an Electronic Health Record is the best way for Medicare to do this. Easy sharing of the information between healthcare providers will make it easy for you to see new doctors or specialists.

• The chances of medical errors, duplicate tests and quality care will improve with the use of EHRs. The process is automatically more efficient when you consider the speed that the information is shared with.

• Your conditions, tests, prescriptions and treatments are available and up-to-date for all doctors. When getting a second opinion or you are going to see that specialist your files will automaticallybe available.

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