Facts About Medicare Part A Claim Detail

It is sometimes difficult to handle Medicare Part A inpatient claims as the invoices will be filled with such a big volume of information. Some of this may be confusing to you and that is what the goal of this information will be. A few things that should be of interest to you with your Medicare Part A inpatient claim are listed below.

Start Date/End Date – The provider is going to be reimbursed for these important dates. Your job is to ensure that the dates are right before they are submitted to Medicare for payment.

Claim Number – Referencing the right claim is very important and you probably won’t be able to do this without the claim number.

Date/Type of Admission – You still want to ensure that your provider is not charging for more than one session as you could miss out on treatments if they don’t.

Benefit Days Used – Your benefit days can be crucial as much of what you do will be restricted by benefits days in a given period.

Total Amount Charged/Total Non-Covered Charges – You will not have to pay the total amount charged by Medicare as you will be covered. The non-charged amount that is left is your responsibility.

Total Amount You May Be Billed – Co-insurance and deductibles that Medicare does not cover will be listed here.

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