Foot Exams for Diabetes Could be Covered by Medicare

The effect of diabetes can extend throughout your body because of the nature of the condition and this could cause some financial trouble for those afflicted.  Thankfully, insurance can absorb much of this expense if you are lucky enough to have the coverage and if you have Medicare, you are covered.  One of the experiences that many with diabetes have is painful foot issues that require exams to determine if treatment is necessary.

With Part B coverage through Medicare you can get the help of a doctor’s examination to determine if you need to have more extensive assistance.  Medicare Part B covers a foot exam every 6 months for people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and loss of protective sensations, as long as you haven’t seen a foot care professional for another reason between visits.

There is some cost involved for you if you have this coverage and need the exam, but it is much less than if you didn’t have any health insurance coverage at all.  In 2011, you pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the doctor’s services. In a hospital outpatient setting, you pay a copayment in order to fulfill your financial obligation.

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