Future Salary Cap Concerns Florida Group

FAC or Florida Association of Counties is at work to undo a proposed state budget provision. The provision seeks to cap salaries in county health departments of future employees.

According to FAC, physicians and dentists would not be attracted by uncompetitive salaries. Last month it came to light that some physicians and dentists earned well over $200,000 and just below half a million based on their contracts with health departments.
According to the state department of health, in some counties, very few physicians accept Medicaid. Low income people have to seek care through county departments. 30 percent of county health department funding is contributed by the state.

The proposed budget seeks to eliminate partnerships between 8 counties and federally qualified health centers to hire professional staff. According to J.D. Alexander the cap was necessary to keep tabs on government spending. However it seems that the proposal is still being worked on.

In other news a HHS report has found Medicare Fraud in South Florida. 17 percent of Medicare’s spending on inhalation drugs came from here though this region accounts for just two percent of the country’s Medicare beneficiaries.

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