Getting the $250 Donut Hole Rebate for Medicare Part D

There is an endless amount of ways that you can get in to financial trouble trying to pay your insurance premiums, one being paying for prescription drugs.  In the past there was no relief for anyone hitting the coverage gap known as the donut hole, you hit it and you were out money.  For this year only there is help for you and if you have hit the coverage gap you will be receiving a $250 payment in no time.

There are some things that you should know about this payment, that will arrive in June if you have hit the coverage gap, so you don’t get scammed.  There is nothing due by you to anyone to have this payment initiated or sent to you, instead this is something that Medicare will automatically send out.  If anyone calls you asking for your personal information to get the payment, do not give it to them, it is a scam.

Everyone’s coverage gap will depend on the coverage they have and how much money they have paid out for prescription drugs.  When you receive your explanation of benefits it should tell you where you stand and if the payment is coming.  If you are at the coverage gap already your check will arrive in late June, if you reach the gap after the program has begun you will receive your check within 45 days after your gap is reached.

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