Heart Attacks, Strokes and Medicare

Heart attacks and strokes are two of the top causes of death for adults today and many times they are a result of improper screening. With consultations through your doctor you can see if your family history shows any key statistics for this possibility and decide if it is likely to happen to you. Medicare will pay for cardiovascular screenings for you in order to detect the possibility of these complications before they can possibly occur.

Triglyceride levels will be tested along with lipid and cholesterol levels every five years to see if you can be covered. Comparing these results to other people in similar situations will be how the results are managed. Predicting if a heart attack or stroke will occur is obviously not possible, but the possibility to prevent it with changes in your lifestyle is possible.

Paying for the cost of the test will not be necessary if you have to get the screening. The total cost will not be your responsibility but you will likely have to pay 20% of the Medicare approved amount to go to the doctor when you have the test. To prevent a possible catastrophe this is well worth the cost that may occur to you.

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