HIV Screening and Medicare

Few things have captured the attention of the world over the last 30 years like the onset of HIV and AIDS across the world.  Because of all of the attention there are a lot of rumors and disinformation that spread about what causes AIDS and how the spread of the condition occurs.  While there is much out there that you can ignore about AIDS and HIV, there are many reasons to pay attention if it could happen to you.

When it comes to Medicare’s approach to HIV the approach is very liberal for insurance and is so to encourage people to get tested.  Medicare takes the general approach off the bat of saying that they will cover anyone who is at risk for the infection as well as anyone who is pregnant.  However, their website actually covers who will be covered for the screening for HIV with the following line:

“Medicare covers HIV screening for people with Medicare who are pregnant and people at increased risk for the infection, including anyone who asks for the test.”  This is a very general statement but you can see how you may fit in to the last category regardless of who you are.  If you ask to have the test be taken and see if you are at risk for HIV or have HIV and you have Medicare, you are covered.

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