How Health Insurance Is Going Wrong

Lets start with how health insurance began. Some decades back, hospitals ran on donations and health care was not prohibitively expensive so as to require health insurance. Soon employees began to receive health insurance as a benefit, a perk. Soon it became a standard fringe benefit. Soon medical costs rose and it became very expensive to see a doctor. Enter the insurance company.

They started as a way to help tackle costs. They ensured that no unnecessary expenses were made.  Soon in the interests of profitability these companies raised insurance premiums. They paid doctors less and charged patients more. More cash landed in the Insurance company’s account. Now the profit motivation is so high that pre existing conditions are penalized by insurance companies.

If you are healthy and don’t mention that you have had health issue, then your premium is lower. There are serious flaws in the system that need to be fixed. Perhaps health insurance needs to begin rewarding health behavior just like it penalizes illnesses. For example if I go to the gym 5 days a week and produce the evidence, charge me a lower premium. I practice yoga every day…and my blood pressure has gone normal, cholesterol is low, depression has disappeared, charge me a lower premium. How about it then?

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