Is EKG Screening Covered Under Medicare?

When you first start your Medicare coverage in your lifetime there will be a very important exam that you will get first thing.  This exam is often referred to as the “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam and it will test for many different possible health issues.  Among them is the possibility of having heart disease and if you appear to be at risk you could be referred for an EKG screening.

This referral can only come from your “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam if it is to be covered by the policy and it is one time only.  Of the amount that is charged for the EKG exam by the medical facility, you will pay a total of 20% of the Medicare-approved amount.  This means that you will still have a little bit of a bill to pay but much of the total will be covered. 

Even though this is only covered once by Medicare it is still a very important screening that can diagnose something severe down the road.  You need to get the screening if it is offered to you as it may be your only chance to get it and have it covered.  Discuss it with your physician if you are about to be on Medicare and want to have this procedure covered.

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