Is There a Medicare Special Enrollment for the Working Aged?

Medicare has multiple special enrollment times for different people and different situations and you have to be aware when your time has come.  If you or your spouse was working AND had group health coverage through a current employer or union or you are disabled and working, or you have coverage from a family member there are special enrollment rules.  There are a few situations where the special enrollment period applies.

If you are still covered by an employer or union group health plan or through your spouse’s employer you can enroll in the special enrollment period.  Or, if you are in the 8 months following the month when the employer or union group health plan coverage ended or when the employment ends.  This may be confusing, but a Medicare specialist at your state insurance office should be able to provide guidance.

Talk to your benefits office to help you decide when to enroll in your Part B coverage if you are working and plan to keep your employer’s group health coverage.  There are some other things, such as your Medigap coverage, that could be affected if you have made this decision.  As with any decision involving your Medicare enrollment you should consult an expert before making any final decisions.

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