Lessons From Medicare

Inclusive engagement in health care reform is welcome. The March 5 Health Care Summit from President Obama’s camp is one such step. People with varying interests and stakes in health care reform can meet and discuss to arrive at a positive transformation of the health care system in America. This will hopefully result in Universal Affordable Health Care.

Health care reform discussions are ongoing and decisions are being made. In the middle of this the Center for Medicare Advocacy reminds how Medicare can teach the provision of Universal Health Care, affordably.
For a period of 40 years, Medicare was hugely successful as a public/private partnership. In 1965 before the coming of Medicare, half of older people lived without health insurance. In addition 35 percent of them lived below the poverty line. The poverty level is down by two thirds today and most Americans above 65 years of age have subscibed to Medicare.

Public opinion is important in any final health care legislation and the Center for Medicare Advocacy urges reformers to take this into account.

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