Long Term Study Validates CT Scan Efficacy

CT Scans are efficient for diagnosis of chest pains. This has been validated by a long term study. The study on the efficacy of Computerized Tomographic Angiography or CTA shows that the test is safe and effective in diagnozing the level of threat posed by cardiovascular disease. The scenario of the testing is patients coming to the hospital with chest pain.

The research has been conducted by the University of Pennysylvania school of medicine. The study was presented on May 15 Friday of 2009 at the annual conference of the Society for Academic Emergence. 8 million Americans come to hospital emergency every year complaining of chest pain. It is a common as well as expensive complaint. Only between 5 and 15 percent of these people had cardiac diseases.
In spite of this more than 50 percent are admitted to the hospital for observation as well as further testing. CTA is fast and accurate as well as less expensive in finding out which patients really need admission. By quickly finding out that there is no problem, the patient is reassured and there is less crowding in the emergency department. It is win-win for both the patient and the medical system.

None of the patients who were diagnosed negatively by the CTA scan had heart attacks or needed bypass surgeries or cardiac stents in the year after the test.

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