Low-Income Subsidy Designed to Help Qualifying Seniors Pay for Prescription Drugs

If you qualify for Medicare and have limited resources, you may also qualify for the low-income subsidy available to people who need extra help. This subsidy is intended to help individuals pay for their Medicare drug plan’s monthly premium, yearly deductible, and coinsurance/copayments.  It can also limit any coverage gaps.

 To qualify for extra help, you need to have limited income and limited resources available to you.   This year, you might qualify if you alone make below $15,315 and have resources under $11,710.  If you are married and living with your spouse (with no other dependents), you must make below $20,353 per year and have resources under $23,410. 

A number of people automatically qualify for this extra help. For instance, if you have full Medicaid benefits, are receiving help from your State Medicaid program, or are receiving SSI without Medicaid, you will most likely automatically qualify for the low-income subsidy.  If you do, you will receive a letter from Medicare to inform you of your status.  After qualifying, you need to choose a Medicare drug plan in order to reap the benefits of your extra help. Research your available plans and select one that covers the medication you require.  If you don’t select a plan, Medicare will select one for you.

Even if you don’t automatically qualify for extra help, you may be able qualify by applying.  To apply, contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or visit them online at www.socialsecurity.gov

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