Low Reimbursement Affects Physicians and Patients

It seems like you may not be able to get see a physician in the future even if you have coverage. This is due to many doctors opting out of one insurance plan or the other. Government plans are a big no-no for doctors. According to Mark Siegel from the Langone Medical Center many physicians have discontinued accepting Medicare beneficiaries as patients.

The reason is the lower reimbursements and also the delay in payments. The problem is greater in the case of Medicaid. HMO’s are showing issues in this regard as well. According to Seigel, patients do not get the care they need in any of the plans currently out there. Nowadays the care is growing even more expensive and requires too many approvals.
Obama’s plan promises universal health care, however if there are more patients than before, one fails to see how this might happen. Doctors would be more overwhelmed than ever before in solving this. Being a patient would be tough in such times.

Perhaps we need to look for both a long term and short term solution to the health care problem. A long term solution would mean making health education much cheaper, so that in 7 years there would be more doctors in the system. A short term solution could involve better health awareness and perhaps even an international health care exchange.

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