Medicaid Pilot Program Expansion Recommended By Florida Agency

Last week a proposal was sent to Governor Charlie Crist by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. The proposal recommended and expansion of the Medicare Managed Care Pilot Program to 20 more counties. This pilot program is currently operational in 5 counties. It requires that beneficiaries sign up for managed care plans. The plans are mostly HMO’s that offer some additional benefits but can also be limited by choice.

Part of the request is an increase in Medicaid payment to specialist. This is likely to increase access to beneficiaries. At the same time as the proposal, there is also a  request from Governor Crist that staff be reduced by ten percent. The agency has agreed to comply with this proposal.
Greg Mellowe from CHAIN, the consumer group described the situation as “surreal” The AHCA is in denial about the reform pilot according to him. The agency is letting the governor know that expansion is the automatic next step and they are ready to proceed.

According to the Health Policy Institute, there was too little information to say that the pilot improves patient care or saves taxpayer money

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