Medicare and Cancer Screening

Everyone has encountered someone in their lives that is struggling with or has passed away due to cancer. The widespread nature of the condition has made it to where people are aware of the need for research to cure cancer. Preventative screening is always a good idea regardless of whether or not the doctors have found a cure yet.

Multiple different kinds of cancer screening are available if you are in a situation in which you need something to be tested. Annual mammograms are available to women over 40 and colorectal tests are performed as well. Every 24 months it is recommended that you get a pap test and/or pelvic exam to stay up-to-date.

Annual prostate exams are also open to men that are already over the age of 50. There is no doubt that cancer screening is very important to stopping the onset of the condition from the beginning. Don’t stop unless your question is answered as this information is constantly changing.

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