Medicare Benefit Period Facts

A benefit period is not something that is unique to Medicare, but it is something that is defined a little differently in their world. If you are entering a skilled nursing facility or a hospital it may be beneficial to you to know this definition. The day you enter a skilled nursing facility or a hospital your Medicare benefit period will begin, this is important to know.

Knowing how this benefit period will affect your return home is of essential knowledge to people that are on Medicare right now. If you have been out of a hospital or facility for 60 days in a row your Medicare benefit period will come to an end, this is what you need to know. Another Medicare benefit period will begin when this 60 days comes to an end and you are admitted to a facility again.

For each benefit period that you have to use there is a separate deductible and this is important for you to know. The number of benefit periods that you have is not limited, but you may want to keep track of when one period ends and another begins. Separating the two benefit periods can be costly so it is a good idea to keep track of the days since you were last released from the hospital.

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