Medicare Benefits: Breast Cancer Screening

There are a countless number of Medicare benefits that lurk behind the shadows and are not advertised by Medicare when you are in the process of enrolling.  These Medicare benefits will not be discussed on the news or used to get you to enroll in a certain program by any one Medicare provider.  One of these such Medicare benefits is the benefit covering breast cancer screening and below is outlined the advantages of this benefit.

Once every 12 months Medicare benefits will cover a breast cancer prevention session in the manner of a mammogram.  This service will be provided when you pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount with no Part B deductible.  All women with Medicare age 40 and older can get a screening mammogram every 12 months. Medicare also pays for one baseline mammogram for women with Medicare between ages 35 and 39.

If you have had breast cancer before, breast cancer has been prevalent in your family, or you had your first baby after the age of 30 you are at increased risk for breast cancer.  Your Medicare benefits will assist you in the early detection and prevention of breast cancer to ensure that you live a long and happy, healthy life.  Be sure to use your Medicare benefits to their fullest to detect breast cancer before it spreads.

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