Medicare Benefits: What is a Benefit Period?

Those who have or will have Medicare benefits often ask the question of what there benefit period is in order to gain understanding of the Medicare process.  If you know more about how your Medicare benefits work you are more likely to be pleased with the process and feel good about your opportunities to use your Medicare benefits to the fullest.  So, again you ask, what is a Medicare benefits period?

To begin, understand that your Medicare benefit period begins the day that you are checked into a medical facility for treatment for a condition.  This is good for you because there is a guarantee that your Medicare benefits will kick in the day that you need them and not a second too early or late.  Now, you ask, how is it determined when the Medicare benefit period will come to an end for these Medicare benefits?

Your Medicare benefit period will end when you haven’t received any inpatient care for the condition for at least 60 consecutive days.  As you can tell this gives you the opportunity to get your condition rectified before the next Medicare benefit period begins and another deductible is introduced.  Your Medicare benefit period is designed with your best interests in mind.

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