Medicare Coverage To Be Amended To Protect Patient Healthcare

A new bill called The Medicare Prompt Pay Correction Act has been introduced by the U.S. Senate. This bill is a companion to HR 1392. HR 1392 has 45 co-sponsors currently. Senator Arlen Specter and Pat Roberts introduced the bill. It is meant to correct medicare reimbursement problems connected with cancer drugs. In addition it seeks to provide relief to the national problem in the area of cancer care treatment delivery. Most patients are currently treated in community oncology clinics close to their homes.

As a part of the effort to reduce cancer and fight it, community cancer clinics play a vital role. This is especially so when access to large centers is restricted. With the help of this legislation Medicare beneficiaries will be ensured access to potentially life saving cancer drugs.

This bill seeks to amend title XVIII of  the Social Security Act. By doing this a more appropriate payment would be delivered for drugs and biologicals covered under the Medicare Program Part B. Customary prompt pay discounts which are given to wholesalers from the ASP of the manufacturers will be excluded. Such discounts result in an artificial reduction in community oncology clinic drug reimbursement rates. As a result of this patient access to affordable quality cancer care gets endangered.

This legislation aims to improve delivery of cancer care. This is essential because of the catastrophic nature of the illness of cancer.

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