Medicare Decision Calls For Deliberation

If one subscribes to the Medicare Advantage plans then you are opting out of the traditional Medicare plan and choosing a fee for a service insurance plan which is managed by a private company and not by the federal government. The private companies gain as they now get all the money that social security deducts from Plan A and B and from the government for taking care of our health care.

For information on this Plan C you need to talk to your local senior center and even the companies who sell these plans. What cannot be ignored is the fact that if you need medial attention and you have the Medicare Advantage Plan then first you must check to see if the physician or medical center you wish to go to will accept this plan or not. If it does not then you have to find one which does which is not easy.

There is a lot of ifs and buts related to these private companies’ Medicare plans and one needs to get all the details as a lot of doctors and medical centers do not accept this plan.

But research has shown that in case of some major illness like a heart condition or cancer where there are a lot of trips to the hospital or even hospitalization, then the traditional Medicare supplement plan is less expensive. This is true for long term convalescent care also.

Choosing the Medicare Advantage plan involves a certain amount of financial risk and you would need to see your health record, the facts you have regarding Advantage versus Traditional plans and what you are comfortable with.

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