Medicare Enrollment: Review the Status of Part D

As it is with all insurance plans regardless of who they are offered by, it is important to review every year what has changed with the plan that you are on.  With Medicare enrollment in full swing it is time to review each part of the plan and one that is drawing much attention is Medicare Part D.

For those who don’t know, Medicare Part D is the part of Medicare that deals with prescription drugs, offering a chance that otherwise may not be available to help pay for drugs.  In 2009 the plans start at around $31.94 and are attached to a yearly deductible that will be $310 for 2010.

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, the premiums for Medicare Part D will rise about 11% in 2010 which will put them at roughly 50% higher than they were in 2006.  Considering that 2006 was the first year that Medicare Part D was offered the reasons for considering where you stand with your Medicare enrollment becomes abundantly clear. 

The experts say that Medicare enrollment for 2010 will list roughly 1,576 options to those who are eligible.  Region-by-region Medicare enrollment will give between 41 and 55 different options to those who qualify and will be enrolling.  All the more reason to really look into what appeals to you and your situation.

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