Medicare Equipment Purchases are Now Harder to Get

If you are in need of a feeding-tube or the supplies for it you could have a harder time getting these things after January 1st of 2011.  Due to changes in the way that you go about purchasing this equipment and who you can purchase it from it will be a little more of an effort to get this done.  So, before you make the purchase or request for a new hospital bed for your home you should consider the following information.

Medicare now requires that you go through a preferred vendor to purchase any of the equipment that is above and beyond normal necessary equipment.  Things such as feeding-tube supplies, mail-order diabetic supplies, oxygen equipment, hospital beds, and motorized scooters are among those affected.  So you should definitely do a little work before you go about requesting or purchasing these items.

First, it is advised that you go to your primary care physician and see if the equipment that you need is covered by the Medicare plan you have.  If this is done then you need to see where and how to go about purchasing or renting the equipment that you need.  Once you have this information you should be covered on the use of approved medical equipment.

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