Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is an unnecessary drain on the Medicare system, and can be costing you money.  Instigated by an individual or company, it can be detrimental to both Medicare and the beneficiaries. 

When Medicare is deliberately billed for false services or supplies, which the beneficiary never received, it is called fraud.  This type of fraud can sometimes be the work of a doctor, a pharmacist, another health care provider, or a group of these professionals.  Although most people who work within the system are generally trustworthy, the fact remains that some are simply not.  These few dishonest people are indeed having a negative impact, and, because Medicare fraud can be so costly, beneficiaries may consequently see an increase in their premiums.    

In addition to protecting lower premiums, preventing or catching Medicare fraud can result in a financial reward.  If you report suspected Medicare fraud and your suspicion is reviewed by the Inspector General’s office, if your suspected fraud isn’t already being investigated, and if your report leads to the recovery of a minimum of $100.00, you may be eligible for a reward of up to $1000.00. 

If you suspect Medicare fraud, call your health provider to ensure your bill is correct.  You can also call Medicare to voice your concern or the Inspector General’s hotline (1-800-HHS-TIPS).

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