Medicare Part A and Your Hospital Stay

There is nothing scarier in our mortal human lives than going to the hospital for the simple reason that the consequences will be unknown.  The consequences or repercussions could be on the medical end of things, or it could be that your finances have been thrown a massive curveball.  If you are a subscriber to Medicare Part A you should know what will be paid for with your hospital stay in 2010.

  • The first 60 days you will not have to pay coinsurance for as this period is handled differently.  You will have to meet a $1,100 deductible and that is just for the initial 60 day period.
  • For days 61-90 in the hospital you will be required by Medicare Part A to pay a whopping $275 per day.  This is something you will want to discuss with your doctor before the bill arrives for you.
  • After day 90 this amount doubles and you will be expected to pay an unbelievable $550 per day to keep your hospital stay.  This is an exorbitant amount that will likely affect your life in profound ways.
  • After your “Lifetime Reserve Days” (60 days you get to use that Medicare will pay for in your lifetime) you will be expected to foot the entire hospital bill without any help.

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