Medicare Part A Helps You Recover

There are many different parts of Medicare coverage and at times this can make it confusing, but the different parts of Medicare such as Medicare Part A can be pretty easy to understand.  Medicare Part A is the part of Medicare that deals with hospital stays, in home care and other types of care such as hospice. 

Here are a few highlights of Medicare Part A coverage:

  1. With Medicare Part A your hospital stays are covered as you will have a semi-private room along with meals and general nursing care.  This is great for following surgeries and other procedures that may cause a long hospital stay.
  2. Medicare Part A also covers some hospice care, specifically, drugs, medical and support services.  This part of the coverage includes the language that the hospice you choose must be approved by Medicare before beginning the billing process.
  3. Some home health care services are covered by Medicare Part A with more emphasis given to those that are in need of part time care.  This may be in a situation where a patient needs more one-on-one skill work like speech pathology, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

There are other benefits of Medicare Part A coverage but the general highlights are included above.  Just remember, if a procedure you are getting ready to have is covered by Medicare, it is likely covered under Medicare Part A.

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