Medicare Part A: Hospice Benefits

As an individual’s condition deteriorates it is often the view of the family involved that the person should be taken care of in the home with the help of Hospice.  These well-trained individuals can care for your loved ones in their final days with great dignity and respect, however, it can be costly.  This is why Medicare Part A offers a Hospice benefit to those that may be terminally ill.  Below is how to qualify for Hospice benefits under Medicare Part A:

If you are eligible for Medicare Part A, which is the “hospital insurance” portion of Medicare, you have started on the right track.  The next thing that must happen is that your doctor and hospice medical director must certify that you are terminally ill and likely have less than six months to live.  This gives the clear direction that your well-being will be in the hands of hospice from this point on.

You must then sign a statement stating that you choose hospice care instead of routine Medicare covered benefits for your terminal illness.  Your Medicare Part A plan will pay for hospice providers that are approved by Medicare, but Medicare will still pay for health problems not related to your terminal illness.  Medicare Part A can take care of your loved one with the help of hospice related care.

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