Medicare Part D: How Much is Covered for One Year?

When insurance is such a big part of taking care of you for a year of your life it is important to pick the right policy.  What is even more important than picking the right policy is knowing what is covered under the policy that you choose.  With Medicare Part D drug coverage you should know just how much is covered during one plan year.

However, this is somewhat of a trick question as Medicare Part D drug coverage does not have a limit on how much is covered for one plan year.  That being said, each different plan will cover a different set of drugs and will not pay for any drugs that are not listed.  Only your doctor can issue a request for a drug to be covered that is not on this list, an “exception” to the list that is provided to you.

The FDA must have approved these drugs and they can be either brand-name or prescription drugs for what you need.  This is good for you as you will not have to worry about what the pharmacy has to offer.  Medicare Part D is designed to make sure that you have the drugs you need to live a good life, but don’t expect it all to come to you for free.

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