Medicare Payment for Inhospital Care May Now depend on Quality of Care


A draft bill has been released that links Medicare for inpatient hospital care to the quality of care provided rather than quantity of services offered. This, according to a CQ Healthbeat Report. This legislation says that this policy would begin in fiscal 2012 and be fully operational in fiscal 2009. During this time there would be an increase in Medicare reimbursement levels of 1 to 2 percent.
Quality standards would be based on a list of measures set by various medical organizations, for example the National Quality Forum. This is the draft bill by lawmakers Sen Baucus and ranking member Chuck Grassley. These incentives are likely to increase the quality of medical care and reduce the costs involved.

The right pieces of puzzles are all part of the bill but as it evolves there is a greater need for specificity. Everyone needs to have a good understanding of their roles according to Chip Kahn from the Federation of American Hospitals.

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