Medicare Supplement Insurance and You

It is important when you are enrolling in Medicare supplement insurance to know if you are even qualified to do so in the first place.  There are a select group of insurance companies that can offer the Medicare supplement insurance and you don’t want to be in a situation where someone has sold you a policy that actually has no validity as a viable policy.  Medicare supplement insurance can really help your situation, so what do you need to know about Medicare supplement insurance?

To begin with, it is important for you to know that you must have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B to get Medicare supplement insurance.  This is because these are generally the parts of Medicare that are supported by the Medicare supplement insurance so you can’t supplement without having a primary policy.

You will be paying the Medicare Part B premium to the government and an additional premium to the private insurance company selling Medicare supplement insurance.  Don’t feel like you are being scammed when being billed twice, these are two separate coverage premiums.

There are a group of insurance companies in your state that are licensed to sell Medicare supplement insurance to you and these are the only you can buy from.  Don’t buy Medicare supplement insurance from a non-licensed company or you will suffer the consequences of paying for invalid coverage.

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