Medicare Supplement Insurance: How to Get it

Medicare supplement insurance will help you immensely if you are in a situation where your standard Medicare benefits will not cover your situation.  If you think that you will need to have Medicare supplement insurance in order to be able to survive then you need to follow a few short steps to get started.  Below is a four-step process to help you make a purchase of Medicare supplement insurance:

  1. Decide on the Medicare benefits that are most important to you and that may be necessary with your current medical condition.  This could be based on your family history or your own personal medical history.
  2. Consult your state’s directories to find out which insurance companies in your state sell Medicare supplement insurance.  Not all insurance companies will sell Medicare supplement insurance, but there will be plenty to choose from.
  3. Contact the insurance companies that you found in step two and get specific information as to how their Medicare supplement insurance works.  Get the name of the person you spoke to so you can have any future questions answered as well.
  4. Make the purchase of your Medicare supplement insurance once you feel like you have been given all of the information.  If you do not feel comfortable or safe with one particular insurance company do not make a purchase regardless of how good of a deal it may appear to be.

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