Medicare Supplement Insurance: Something to Help Fill the Gap

It is a funny thing to think of the underlying irony involved in supplemental insurance in the first place.  Insurance was created to fill in the gaps between what you can afford and what you need to survive, yet plans like Medicare supplement insurance were created to again fill in the gaps between what you can afford and what insurance will help you pay for. 

Medicare supplement insurance is a great option for those that are stuck and unable to meet the deductibles and premiums necessary to get the coverage they need.  Instead of paying the 20% of medical costs that individuals are required to pay after all of these deductibles and premiums are paid, individuals will pay another smaller monthly premium.

One of the more popular Medicare supplemental insurance plans is Medicare Plan F that will help to eliminate the cost of high yearly deductibles.  The monthly premium for this plan ranges from $80 to $200 based on the individual’s age, gender and zip code.  This plan only carries the monthly premium, no deductible at all.

If Medicare Plan F is not the Medicare supplement insurance plan that works best for you then don’t worry, there are at least a dozen Medicare supplement insurance plans available.

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