Medicare Supplement Insurance Tips

It is very important to anyone on a fixed budget with Medicare insurance to consider purchasing Medicare supplement insurance.  This coverage will save the day if you go over your policy limits with your Medicare coverage and it will get you back to solid footing.  However, the very idea of Medicare supplement insurance confuses many Medicare patients.

What are some things you should know about Medicare supplement insurance?

  • Medicare supplement insurance (or Medigap) is generally only available to people who already carry Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B coverage.  This is very important to remember if you are trying to cover your backside but don’t carry Medicare Part A or B.
  • Your Medicare supplement insurance will require a different monthly premium that is paid separately from your Medicare coverage.  This payment will go directly to the private insurer while your other will still go to Medicare.
  • Your Medicare supplement insurance will only carry one person, not one person and a spouse.  If you need Medicare supplement insurance for you and your wife you will have to get separate policies and pay separate premiums.
  • The costs in many states can vary on Medicare supplement insurance, therefore making it all the more important to shop around.  Medicare insurance is not cheap in the first place so make sure you aren’t paying top dollar for your Medicare supplement insurance.

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