Nursing Home Care Standard Low For Hispanics

According to research, nursing homes whose patients were mainly Hispanic provided a lower standard of nursing care than nursing homes that served primarily white patients.  This was published recently in the Journal of American Medical Directors Association following Brown University research.

Bed sores were more prevalent in Nursing Homes with a high concentration of Hispanic patients compared to those which had a few Hispanic patients. The research was led by Michael Gerardo. He along with associated professors said that more research was needed to corroborate the findings. The main aim of the research was to find out the basic cause of disparities between nursing homes.

According to Gerardo, a systematic evaluation was needed to find out more. In 2007, a landmark study showed that more blacks were likely to live in low quality nursing homes than whites. In the midwest the problem was really bad and the inequalities were related to racial segregation.

In the present study, two data sources were consulted.  These are the Oscar Database System and the Minimum Data Set.  Residents more than 65 years were studied who lived in a free standing nursing home in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico or California.

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