Open Enrollment Period To Make Changes Ends March 31

The period for individuals enrolled in medicare plans for making changes to 2009 benefits ends Tuesday, March 31. Next, you will be able to change is in November. The changes thus made will come into effect on Jan 1 2010. So it is a good idea to review your plans now.

The current benefit packages and their real value would have show itself to seniors. This applies to filling prescriptions, seeing physicians and reviewing the packet of information provided by insurers.
If you move before April 1’st you can make the following changes. Medicare Advantage plan holders can go to back to a Medicare coverage and separate prescription drug plan. MAPD plan holders can change to another MAPD plan.

Those individuals subscribing to the original Medicare plan can change to a MAPD plan. You can make changes even after April 1’st in case you move to another county/state, lose benefits regarding to health that are employer sponsored, go in or come out of a nursing home, enroll or disenroll from Medicare, get diagnosed with chronic illness/are deemed disabled after the lock in period, qualify for government Medicare by meeting certain income levels.

Don’t wait for All Fools Day. Make the changes you want to now!

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