Preventive Services and Senior Risk Reduction with Medicare

The role of health insurance is changing across the world as people continue to put more of a premium on the importance of being covered.  Instead of simply saying that you should take care of yourself and go to the doctor, many health insurance companies are taking initiative.  This is the case with Medicare and Pfizer Health Solutions along with StayWell Health Management in programs they are running together.

These programs, known as “Staying Healthy USA” and “Medicare Stay Healthy” are designed to help people understand the importance of prevention and healthy lifestyles.  The programs include: health questionnaires, tailored health reports, customized educational materials, health counseling, self-management tools and referrals to national and local community resources to demonstration participants.

The Medicare program, along with its partners, is sponsoring a demonstration program to help randomly selected beneficiaries learn about their health risks and take steps to better manage their health.  The program will run through April 30, 2012 and is something that you should look in to if you are trying to take good care of your health.  Ask your doctor if they know any more or can get you involved in any way with the programs.

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