Random Facts About Medicare Part B

Medicare has about as many twists and turns as a road in the Rocky Mountains and this causes a lot of facts to fall through the cracks.  Instead of waiting for a time to cover everything about certain services in a separate article we decided to throw a few random things into one group.  Here are a few random things you may or may not know about Medicare Part B:

  1. If you have to have any work done that is a qualified clinical laboratory service you owe nothing for the service.  This could be many different procedures or testing that has to do with your blood or general well being.
  2. When home health services come in to play you pay nothing for Medicare approved services and only 20% of the amount for durable medical equipment.  This will help with anyone who is struggling with the decision of assisted living or staying home.
  3. Mental health services are available to you and Medicare will pay 55% of approved services, meaning you are left with 45% to pay on your own.  This can be sometimes worked out with your therapist if you are not able to make timely payments.

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