Recession Hits Hospitals In Illinois

The economic crisis has affected Illinois hospitals deeply. This is the findings of a survey by the Illinois Hospital Association. According to the survey, hospitals which had tough times before the onset of the recession now face newer issues. Due to this even patients are affected. Apart from being crucial to the health and well being of patients, hospitals are also large employers and play an important role in the circle of money.

Because recession hits Illinois hospitals hard, they lose financial stability and also they are now not able to care for patients as well. Even day to day operations cannot be well met by Illinois hospitals. 32 percent of Illinois hospitals said that the recession had a moderate effect on day to day operations of the hospital. Fully 17 percent said there was a significant effect of recession on day to day operations.
One issue being faced by Illinois hospitals and health systems is access to capital. 26 percent reported significant issues in this regard and 24 percent reported moderate issues.  Almost two third said the cost for credit and bonds had increased. Current plans for capital investments are being deferred by 73 percent and 79 percent are deffering new capital investment plans.

Similarly there is a huge list of statistics that show how patients are paying the price for the economic crisis. Therefore it is very essential that Medicaid and Medicare funding not be reduce

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