Should You Get a Medicare Authorized Representative?

There are times when things become a little too difficult to understand or follow and you may need the help or services of an assistant to get you through a certain situation.  When this type of situation arises you should consider naming someone as your Medicare Authorized Representative so you can get help.  The following are a few situations in which a Medicare Authorized Representative could help.

• When you are choosing a plan to participate in you could probably use a little help from a Medicare Authorized Representative.

• Gathering more information about your insurance plan/policies for research and decision making purposes could be a good reason to get a little help.  Someone else to ask about your situation and what you need couldn’t hurt.

• Handling claims and/or payments can be a little tricky with Medicare so an Authorized Representative could help you sort through everything you must do.

• Receiving a notice in connection with an appeal on your behalf, and review/submit personal medical information when working with associated appeals.  The appeals process can be lengthy and difficult and another set of eyes could really help that.

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