Some Commode Chairs are Covered by Medicare

Some conditions in life can make an individual’s condition deteriorate to the point in which the individual cannot leave their home, or even their bedroom.  When an individual is confined to their bedroom and cannot move more than a few feet without danger there are many problems presented.  One of these problems has to do with being able to relieve one’s self of waste in a hygienic manner.

To be able to overcome this uncomfortable situation an individual can purchase a portable commode from many retailers across the country.  These commodes can change the quality of a person’s life by allowing them to still relieve themselves without fear of being hurt in transport.  A commode can be expensive to some people and this can make it hard to make a purchase.

Medicare Part B covers commode chairs that your doctor orders for use in your home if you’re confined to your bedroom.  In 2011, you pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount.  If this is a necessity to you then you need to present the situation to your doctor so they can submit the bill for the commode to Medicare so you can be reimbursed for its purchase.

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