Stopping Medicare Supplier Fraud: Protect Your Medicare IDs

When it comes to protecting yourself from identity theft or any other kind of financial fraud your goals should be the same, protect your access information. If you can help it you shouldn’t let anyone know your username or password so you can protect your information to all financial records or information. Any time that anyone requests this information it should be an immediate red flag that they are up to something that they should not be up to.

Medicare identification information should be treated the same as your social security number, only you and those closest to you should know it. If you start giving it to every random person that you know you will be starting the countdown to financial problems and privacy issues. Protect your confidential information so that you don’t have to worry about people taking your finances away.

As for suppliers that are providing you with Medicare supplies you should never share with them any of your sensitive information like your Medicare ID because they don’t need it. If you don’t know the person discussing your Medicare information with you refrain from sharing anything at all that you would consider personal and confidential.

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